If you don't remember a password, you can change it. To change the password of one user, use SET PASSWORD FOR user = 'newpassword'.

You are the InfluxDB administrator

Here's an exemple :

You created a new user :  bruce, but you did a typo mistake on the password :


You can change the password by doing

SET PASSWORD FOR bruce = 'iambatman'

You are not the InfluxDB administrator

You need to stop the influxdb service

service influxdb stop

Edit /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf

Change auth-enabled = true by auth-enabled = false

Then, restart the InfluxDB service

service influxdb start

Then go back to You are the InfluxDB administrator, because no authentification is needed to access the InfluxDB administration

Then don't forget to set auth-enabled to true and restart the service